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Due to our continued expansion, we have recently moved into much larger premises which will enable us to stockhold larger quantities and offer better service for our customers.
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Product List

 Camowrap Sheets
 Camowrap Gun Kit
 Double Sided Tape
 Ultrabond Range
 6200 Clear
 Ultrabond Clear Acrylic Tape
 6233 High Temp
 Ultrabond High Temperature Tape
 6224 White
 Ultrabond White Acrylic Tape
 6228 Grey
 Ultrabond Grey Acrylic Tape
 High Tack Tapes
 General Purpose Tapes
 Single Sided Tapes
 Waterproof Cloth Tape
 2-Part Adhesives
 2-Part Methacrylate Adhesive
 2-Part Methacrylate Structural Adhesive
 2-Part Acrylic Adhesive
 2 Part Acrylic Adhesive
 Hybrid Composite Bonder
 Hybrid Bonder
 50ml Gun
 50ml Applicator Gun
 400ml Gun
 400ml Applicator Gun
 Mixer Nozzles
 Mixing Nozzles
 Single Component Adhesives
 9136 "Ultratack" Grip Adhesive
 9137 Grip Adhesive
 Hybrid Polymer Adhesive
 9135 Silicone Sealant
 Silicone Sealant
 Spray Adhesives
 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive
 Hook and Loop
 Self AdhesiveTape
 Self Adhesive White Hook
 Premium Self Adhesive White Hook Tape
 Self Adhesive White Loop
 Premium Self Adhesive White Loop Tape
 Self Adhesive Coins
 Self Adhesive White Hook
 Self Adhesive White Hook Coins
 Self Adhesive White Loop
 Self Adhesive White Loop Coins
 Anti slip Tape
 Yellow Anti Slip Tape
 Yellow Antislip Tape
 Black Anti Slip Tape
 Black Anti Slip
 BK-YW Hazard Anti Slip Tape
 Black/Yellow Anti Slip Tape
 RD-WH Hazard Anti Slip Tape
 Red/White Antislip Tape
 Glow in the dark Anti Slip Tape
 Glow Antislip Tape
 Glow Hazard Anti Slip Tape
 Glow Hazard Antislip Tape
 Aquasafe Antislip
 Clear Anti Slip Tape
 Blue Antislip Tape
 Red Antislip Tape
 Red Anti Slip Tape
 Brown Anti Slip Tape
 Grey Anti Slip Tape
 Green Anti Slip Tape
 Surface Primer
 Surface Primer
 Protection Tape
 Carpet Protection Tape
 Carpet Protection Tape
 Art and Crafts
 Adhesives and Glue
 Glue Sticks
 Sticky Stik 10g
 Glue Tape
 Permanent Adhesive
 Permanent Glue Tape
 Removable Adhesive
 Removable Glue Tape
 ATG Tape
 ATG Tape
 Acrylic ATG Tape
 ATG Gun
 ATG Gun
 Orange General Purpose
 Orange General Purpose
 Blue Polycarbonate
 Blue Polybarbonate
 Yellow Acrylic
 Yellow Acrylic
 Variety Pack
 25 Variety Pack
 Big Gripper
 Big Gripper
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